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08 1979 Redbook Domestic Shipping
08 1979 Redbook Domestic Shipping
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Similar in structure to the 1978 Red Book with a ton of photos and owner-based commentary.  “To make the useful more beautiful and the beautiful more useful is the highest ideal of the breeder.  To combine properly into one harmonious whole the most useful with the most beautiful without sacrificing the ideals of either calls for the soundest science and the finest art of breeding.  Its accomplishment, therefore, is the ultimate measure of man’s mastery of the forces of nature as applied to the improvement of living things.”  This Red Book honors the memory of influential members who passed: Larraine Clifford, Eleanor Cole, Grant Mann, Burr Robins and Ruth Schriefer; followed by a Grant Mann article “Judging vs Breeding” from the June 1934 GSD Review.  Top five sires: Hawkeye, Reno, Watson, Hammer, Kane.  Top five dams: Amber’s Flair, Cobert’s Windsong, Valfor’s Ilisa v Cypress, Bihari’s Ika, Elfie of Fran-Jo.  Read all about them, and more!