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01 - SV Xray Evaluation Fees 02 - SV Xray Film Evaluation Additional Fee DNA Pedigree Certification
Please note options for Fees.
Additional Fee Required if submitting film x-rays instead of online uploads by your veterinarian.
Please note options for Fees.
GSDCA Breed Survey GSDCA Helper Book GSDCA Judge Release
GSDCA Judge Release
Price (per item): $50.00
Please note options for Fees.
GSDCA Trial Scorebook SV Event Application Fee SV Event Per Entry Fee
SV Event Application Fee
Price (per item): $50.00
SV Event Per Entry Fee
Price (per item): $4.00
Please note options for Fees. Click here to download the required GSDCA Scorebook Application Form.
Use this item to pay your $4.00 per entry fee. Enter the number of entries for your quantity.
SV Judge Release 250 SV Judge Release 500 SV Member Club Dues
SV Judge Release 250
Price (per item): $250.00
SV Judge Release 500
Price (per item): $500.00
Application Dues OR Annual dues for the GSDCA SV/WUSV Member Clubs.
SV Misc Fees SV Programs Donation
SV Programs Donation
Price (per item): $25.00
Only use as instructed by the GSDCA SV Office. Amount may be edited in cart at checkout. Please add a description in order comments when checking out. Please consider donating to the GSDCA SV Programs.
Enter the activity you would like your donation to support in the field above.
You can change the amount you wish to donate when you check out.