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Magnets, patches, jackets, hats, etc... All these products show the world that you are a proud member of the German Shepherd Dog Club of America (GSDCA).

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GSDCA Travel Mug
Price (per item): $12.00
Insulated GSDCA Cooler
Price (per item): $17.50
FREE SHIPPING.  Stainless steel insulated with the GSDC logo in black.  SHIPPING INCLUDED. FREE SHIPPING.  Insulated Cooler large enough for a 6-pack of your favorite beverage and with side pickets and reinforced bottom for dog biscuits and other supplies.  Keeps things cool for hours.
Braided Leash
Price (per item): $55.00

HANDMADE 6' X 1/2" Braided Leather Bullhide Red & Black Twisted Leash with Italian Bronze Snap. SHIPPING INCLUDED.

SHIPPING INCLUDED. Great for marking dog supplies!

Braided Collar
Price (per item): $32.00
5 1/2" Round Logo Magnet
Price (per item): $7.00

HANDMADE 1/2" wide Braided Leather Bullhide Red & Black Twisted Choke Collar. SHIPPING INCLUDED.

Round GSDCA Logo Magnet 5 1/2" in diameter. Black on white. SHIPPING INCLUDED.

Buckle Collar
Price (per item): $35.00
Logo Pin w/out Flag
Price (per item): $12.50

Custom made 1/2" wide Braided Leather Bullhide Red & Black Twisted Buckle Collar. Select the length. SHIPPING INCLUDED.

GSDCA Logo Pin without Flag background. SHIPPING INCLUDED.

Logo Pin with Flag
Price (per item): $14.00
GSDCA Cloth Patch
Price (per item): $12.00

GSDCA Logo Pin with Flag background. Beautiful GSDCA Official Logo Kiln fired cloisonne pin. SHIPPING INCLUDED.

3 1/2" diameter Iron-On embroidered fill color cloth patch. Perfect for adding to a denim shirt or jacket. SHIPPING INCLUDED.