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Historical Series DVD
Historical Series DVD
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The GSDCA is proud to offer to its members, clubs, and the general public the brand new GSDCA-BRANDED EDUCATIONAL HISTORICAL SERIES DVD. This DVD is a must for both new and experienced dog owners. The Historical Series DVD contains 8 historical titles and is a great way to learn more about the breed.

1920's Silent Film
This 1920 German silent film by Mrs. Bounell is a unique record of historical value to breeders and the fancy alike. Includes the Breed Survey System by the S.V. and Show Exhibitions from the 1920s. Demonstrates training in the 1920's for Obedience, Protection and Police Work, Water exercises, Swimming, and Rescuing a dummy. Also includes the Governmental Training School for Police Dogs in Grunheide, and Service Dogs of Police Headquarters in Berlin.(20:48)

Odin Vom Busecker
Bred by Alfred Hahn and whelped in Germany in 1934, Champion Odin Vom Busecker-Schloss, P.H. was one of the most outstanding German Shepherd Dogs of his time. Imported to the United States in 1938 by his owners, Mr. & Mrs. Sidney F. Heckert, Jr., Odin lived at beautiful Villa Marina Kennels in Santa Barbara, California where he made his impact on the breed until his death in 1948. Photography: Willi Ebeling, & Lloyd C. Brackett. Script & Direction: Lloyd C. Brackett. (7:00)

Rex the Wonder Dog
Rex "The Wonder Dog". Dr. Carmen Battaglia and Joe Bihara narrate this historical film which demonstrates the achievements and amazing feats of famous "Rex The Wonder Dog" of Bihari Wonder Kennels. Discovered by Joe Bihari in Hungary when he was four months old, Rex helped Joe and his family escape the war in 1956. Rex led the way through enemy territory, alerting the refugees and children when danger was near, as they crossed the border. When they finally made it to freedom in the United States, Rex excelled at all aspects of training, search and rescue, and protection; exemplifying the courage, temperament, and working ability of the German Shepherd Dog. (22:57)

Marie Leary
Jane Bennett narrates this intriguing biography of the late Marie Leary who was a woman of outstanding achievements in the breed. Her handling of dogs was indeed unique and this film made in the 1940's demonstrates Marie's truly remarkable handling skills and repor with her dogs. From 1923 until her death in 1971 at age 73, Marie Leary supported and advanced the cause of the German Shepherd Dog in many areas including breeding, exhibiting (always handling her own entries), judging, writing, and participating in affairs in the New England German Shepherd Dog Club where she served as President, and the German Shepherd Dog Club of America where she served on the Board for many years. Ms. Leary was a forerunner in the early studies to identify and help eliminate hip dysplasia. (9:14)

1957 Nationals
44th Annual National Specialty Show of 1957. Held in Kansas City, MO, with a total entry of 237 dogs. Hosted by the German Shepherd Dog Club of Kansas City. Best of Breed judged by Burr L. Robbins; Dogs judged by Noah Bloomer, Jr.; and Bitches judged by Mrs. R. M. Stoddard. Includes the first Passing Parade of Greats. (34:11)

Grand Victor - Ch. Troll vom Richterbach
Grand Victrix - Ch. Jeff-Lynn's Bella

Working Dogs
Das ist der Deutsche Schaferhund. Highlights from this 1960's educational film include: The breed warden's procedures registering German Shepherd Dogs with the S.V.; German training techniques used by the Railroad Police's dog training school near Munich in tracking, obedience, protection, avalanche training, and search and rescue techniques used during war and disaster situations; Training Guide Dogs for the Blind in Germany; and the 1968 S.V. Seiger Show. (40:57)

1971 Nationals
57th Annual Specialty Show of 1971. Held in Detroit, Michigan. Hosted by the German Shepherd Dog Club of Detroit, Inc. Narrated by Carmen Battaglia, Jim Moses, and Don ?. Best of Breed judged by Mr. Raymond Smith; Dogs judged by Mrs. Barbara Amidon; and Bitches judged by Mr. Julius Due. Includes demonstration by 1971 Obedience Victor, Bihari's Unkle Sam UD.

Grand Victor - Ch. Mannix of Fran-Jo
Grand Victrix - Ch. Aloha von Bid-Scono (24:50)

Temperament Test
How to Hold a Temperament Test by the German Shepherd Dog Club of America. Discusses how heredity and environment contribute to the soundness or lack thereof in overall character and soundness in the German Shepherd Dog. Instructs clubs on the guidelines, requirements and items needed to hold a Temperament Test. Details scoring and evaluator procedures for each individual test. Script and narration by Bob Penny. Videotaped and directed by Carmen Battaglia. (26:32)