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Magnets, patches, jackets, hats, etc... All these products show the world that you are a proud member of the German Shepherd Dog Club of America (GSDCA).

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GSDCA Travel Mug Insulated GSDCA Cooler
GSDCA Travel Mug
Price (per item): $12.00
Insulated GSDCA Cooler
Price (per item): $17.50
FREE SHIPPING.  Stainless steel insulated with the GSDC logo in black.  SHIPPING INCLUDED. FREE SHIPPING.  Insulated Cooler large enough for a 6-pack of your favorite beverage and with side pickets and reinforced bottom for dog biscuits and other supplies.  Keeps things cool for hours.
Braided Leash Dog Paw Logo Magnet
Braided Leash
Price (per item): $55.00
Dog Paw Logo Magnet
Price (per item): $7.00

HANDMADE WHEN ORDERED 6' X 1/2" Braided Leather Bullhide Red & Black Twisted Leash with Italian Bronze Snap. SHIPPING INCLUDED.

GSDCA Logo Magnet in the shape of a dog paw. Perfect for the fridge or your car. SHIPPING INCLUDED.

GSDCA Bumper Stickers ($5 each) Braided Collar
Braided Collar
Price (per item): $32.00

SHIPPING INCLUDED. Great for marking dog supplies!

HANDMADE 1/2" wide Braided Leather Bullhide Red & Black Twisted Choke Collar. SHIPPING INCLUDED.

5 1/2" Round Logo Magnet Buckle Collar
5 1/2" Round Logo Magnet
Price (per item): $5.00
Buckle Collar
Price (per item): $35.00

Round GSDCA Logo Magnet 5 1/2" in diameter. Black on white. SHIPPING INCLUDED.

Custom made 1/2" wide Braided Leather Bullhide Red & Black Twisted Buckle Collar. Select the length. SHIPPING INCLUDED.

Logo Pin w/out Flag Logo Pin with Flag
Logo Pin w/out Flag
Price (per item): $12.50
Logo Pin with Flag
Price (per item): $14.00

GSDCA Logo Pin without Flag background. SHIPPING INCLUDED.

GSDCA Logo Pin with Flag background. Beautiful GSDCA Official Logo Kiln fired cloisonne pin. SHIPPING INCLUDED.

GSDCA Cloth Patch
GSDCA Cloth Patch
Price (per item): $12.00

3 1/2" diameter Iron-On embroidered fill color cloth patch. Perfect for adding to a denim shirt or jacket. SHIPPING INCLUDED.